Is potassium in anything other than potatoes and bananas? (New post at Nutrition Nuts and Bolts)

Screenshot from Nutrition Nuts and Bolts potassium postCan you list 3 foods with more than 500 mg potassium per serving?

No? Read the new post at Nutrition Nuts and Bolts to learn about 3+ foods high in potassium.

Yes? Good for you! Read the new post anyway, because I give you free resources that list more foods and their amounts of potassium per serving. I also give you some information about what potassium does in our bodies and how much we need every day.

Potassium is an important mineral, and I want everyone to know how they can get enough.



Author: Shelly Najjar

MPH in Public Health Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist // Freelance Writer, Community Builder // I have a very long Goal List (Bucket List) and I enjoy doing nail art.

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