Heart-healthy Valentine’s Day dinner ideas

Photo Credit: Ambro (FreeDigitalPhotos.net)
Photo Credit: Ambro (FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Do something good for your heart and your taste buds this Valentine’s Day. These are some recipes from the American Heart Association that I thought you might like to have in case you’re planning a special dinner. (Disclaimer: haven’t tried these yet, but they look good.) Click the links to see the recipe and pictures on the American Heart Association websites.


Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomato Bruschetta


Sauteed Mushroom Salad


Spinach-Stuffed Baked Salmon

Side Dish

Lemon-Dill Green Beans


Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Almond-Mocha Topping on Raspberry Sauce

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Author: Shelly Najjar

MPH in Public Health Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist // Freelance Writer, Community Builder // I have a very long Goal List (Bucket List) and I enjoy doing nail art.

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