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***I now have a separate blog for my Goal List (bucket list). Please visit at TheGoalList.com. I’ll leave this page up until I have filled out the other site a bit more.

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Goal List

Accomplishing things on my Goal List is a big hobby of mine. Click here for a little description of my Goal List (including info about the name and why this is only a list of the completed items). Structure of the List: I write two goals per page in a spiral ring notebook (now two notebooks, since I ran out of pages in the first). The first goal on that page is at the top, and the second is halfway down. The extra space under each one is where I write the story of how I completed it. Someday, those stories may end up in a book. For now, they make me smile when I read them and remember.

Want to help me with one of these unfinished goals, or with a goal not yet begun? Use the Contact form to get in touch. Free help/sponsors are welcome, but I’m always interested in talking about Goal List opportunities!

Got Goal/Bucket List stories of your own? I’d love to hear them! Contact me and let’s talk.

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Here are the things I’ve completed so far:

  • Finish college. (WSU c/o 2011, UW c/o 2013)
  • Help at a retirement/nursing home. (Two significant nutrition experiences)
  • Speak at a conference for teens. (I spoke at two girls’ retreats. It counts.)
  • Tutor someone in something they need to learn for school.
  • Go to college for free. (Tons of academic/merit scholarships for WSU)
  • Learn self-defense.
  • Wear a ball gown and attend a ball.
  • Slurp an oyster.
  • Watch a ballet performance. (Cinderella)
  • Ride a camel. (Nowhere exotic: state fair)
  • Learn to play racquetball. (Didn’t really care for it. Someone accurately described it to me as “locking people in a little room with a fast-moving ball and seeing what happens”)
  • Build a Goldberg chain reaction machine. (We built a very simple one: candle burned through string holding back wiffleball on pendulum; wiffle-pendulum swings forward and hits mini-whiffle; mini-whiffle rolled into dominoes, which fall over and hit 2nd mini-whiffle; 2nd mini-whiffle falls off table, goes down a chute, and right into shot glass.)
  • Help someone accomplish something on their Goal List. (Went with my friend who got her second ear piercing; I was there for moral support, but ended up being more nervous than she was.)
  • Climb to the top of a rock wall.
  • Stay up all night and watch the sunrise. (Twice!)
  • Hitchhike. (Not really; people who love me have safety concerns, so the time we faked it as part of a joke on a friend counts as accomplishing this goal.)
  • Cut someone’s hair. (I cut my own–three times now!–because I doubted any sane person would let me cut their hair; surprisingly, it came out okay.)
  • Be part of a talk show audience (live studio audience). (New Day Northwest, met Margaret Lawson and Jesse Jones)
  • Watch an outdoor movie. (Ghostbusters! This was also the first time I’d seen this movie.)
  • Attend the opera. (La Cenerentola at the Seattle Opera)
  • Give blood.
  • Stay in a B&B.
  • Go to a spa. (Olympus Spa in Lynnwood, WA)
  • Go on vacation by myself.
  • Eat in a sit down restaurant on my own.
  • Watch a movie in theater by myself. (Oz: The Great and Powerful)
  • Stay in the Teeny Tiny Guesthouse in Fremont. (You can too! Click the link to find out more.)
  • Own a Little Black Dress.
  • Travel by bus. (BoltBus to Portland, Oregon and back)

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Here are the things I’ve started but haven’t finished yet:

  • Learn how to play the guitar.
  • Learn how to play the drums.
  • Learn to speak Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, French, and go to at least one country that speaks in one of these languages. (In hindsight, I should have split this into smaller goals…)
  • Create commercials, ads, etc for a company. (I designed the logo for Enoki’s Refrigeration, LLC. We had a team project at WSU to write a business plan complete with marketing materials; see some of them here. I helped with marketing efforts for MyGreenLake. I designed an annual report for IDEA. I’ve helped with marketing efforts for the Healthy@Work program at the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living, including this marketing video.)
  • Learn sign language.
  • Learn to ice skate.
  • Learn to skateboard.
  • Learn Braille.
  • Learn to drive a stick shift.
  • Take a physics class.
  • Participate in empathy experiments for blindness, deafness, crutches/wheelchair, pregnant, and overweight.
  • Become an RD.
  • Go geocaching. (Tried on campus, because there was a UW webpage that said they had caches, but couldn’t find a single one. Never heard back from them about whether they actually keep them maintained or not. Tried a second time but didn’t find either cache; it could be because I forgot to ask to borrow a GPS and tried to do it with a map alone…)
Want to help me with one of these unfinished goals, or with a goal not yet begun? Use the Contact form to get in touch. Free help/sponsors are welcome, but I’m always interested in talking about Goal List opportunities!
Got Goal/Bucket List stories of your own? I’d love to hear them! Contact me and let’s talk. Ready to make a list of your own? Click here to read about how to write SMART goals.

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