Shelly at the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle. Photo Credit: Ayumi Kojima, 2011

Photo Credit: Ayumi Kojima

About Me

What did you want to be when you grew up? Becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD) has been on my bucket list since I was in 8th grade, after a science fair project about the effect of cooking method on the vitamin C content of vegetables.

Pursuing that goal, I got my undergraduate degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, and continued my education with a over 1200 hours of supervised practice during my Master of Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington.

After passing my national registration exam and becoming a dietitian, I worked in a public hospital, then as a volunteer coordinator in a senior meal program through AmeriCorps VISTA. In these positions, I experienced the joy of guiding people through the process of goal achievement, strategizing with them to figure out ways to succeed despite challenges. Today I’m working with clients as a freelance writer, social media manager, and productivity coach.

My personal interests include writing, reading, art, movies, and my Goal List.

Professional Goals and Projects

I hope to make a difference in individual lives and an impact in the world.

Through writing, social media, and speaking, I use my experience and credentials to develop and expertly curate content that helps people improve their overall wellness so they can achieve their life goals. In addition to wellness, my other primary topics are bucket lists, travel, and goal achievement.

I also offer productivity coaching to people frustrated with the lack of progress toward their goals. Together we find clarity and the one action step they can do in the next week.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about my content creation or coaching services. I’m currently accepting new clients and am available to consider freelance writing assignments and remote part-time positions in content creation.

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