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Do you feel like your path is foggy and uncertain?

Do you have a goal that you just can’t seem to achieve?

Do you have a hard time deciding what to do next, or where to start?

Have you tried being more productive, but just aren’t a “schedule person”?


I offer productivity coaching for people frustrated with the lack of progress toward their goals. Together we find clarity and come up with one action step you can do in the next week.

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Clear the Fog, Achieve Your Goals

We work together for your lasting success

My goal isn’t to set up a codependent relationship where you’re my client forever. I want you to feel confident in your abilities to handle difficult situations and be equipped to see the path required to get to your goal.

On the other hand, I don’t just throw a one-size-fits-all system or course at you and toss you back into the world. Once we start working together, I won’t abandon you. We’ll work together until you prove you’re able to move forward on your own.


20 min coaching mini-session – $60/session

Monthly package of 20 min coaching mini-session (1/week) – $200/month

*All coaching sessions are virtual (phone or Skype).

You can struggle in the uncertainty, wandering from one potential solution to the next, or you can take just 20 min to find clarity and the focus that comes from having one next step.

As a registered dietitian, I have the training and experience to guide people like you through the process of behavior change and goal achievement, strategizing with you to figure out ways to succeed despite challenges. I originally learned these skills to apply to nutrition problems, but this process is too valuable to not share with people like you who struggle to meet non-nutrition goals.

My clients have experienced positive change from working with me, and you can too.
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✅ “Shelly offers an outstanding coaching service. She has helped me re-evaluate my life values, goals and how I should be prioritizing. Her love for people and genuine approach to working with individuals to achieve positive change is amazing. Her professionalism and integrity are commendable. If you need to ‘get a life’ or just want an even better life….this is the coach to see!” —Sunny Meraki

✅ “After the session I felt I knew I am going the right path. She also encouraged me to go into action the next week, which was needed.” —Edith T.

✅ “The call was definitely very helpful. I learned a lot about holding myself back and actionable steps I can use to overcome it. I already feel a lot more organized following the advice and it has definitely had a positive impact with results to show. What I have done since the call is begin to use my calendar as a scheduling system so that I can split my time effectively on all my projects and make progress successfully. I have also organized my projects in order of priority which has definitely helped me to prioritize my work.” —Danny S.

✅ “My call with Shelly was encouraging. She was positive and asked good, specific questions. She also took the time to really listen to what I was saying and give ideas based on my responses. I think the main thing that I was reminded of by our conversation is of the importance of having an accountability partner. […] Shelly encouraged me to keep reaching out to people on my industry, which was helpful because I had temporarily given up on it.” —Angela D.

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Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about the 20 min virtual coaching mini-sessions.

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