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Since I was little, I’ve loved writing.  I’ve had the opportunity to write for many purposes, including academic work at the college and graduate levels, public health research reports, blogs, health and wellness reporting, and fiction and poetry.  I have experience working with editors, conducting on-the-street and expert interviews (in-person and via phone and email), and can quickly research scientific topics and translate them for the consumer.


I’ve also been giving presentations for several years, both in school and in the community. Past presentations include research summaries, employee in-service training, my undergraduate and masters thesis defense presentations, cooking demonstrations, wellness fair booths, fundraiser booths, and various health topics.

Qualified in the areas of wellness, nutrition, and goal achievement

In addition to being an avid bucket lister, I’ve also worked as a productivity coach and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

I have a Master of Public Health in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Washington State University. At WSU, I was also in the Honors College, which focused on writing and communication of all subjects.

Part of my education included over 1200 hours of supervised training in nutrition and experience communicating health information to a variety of people. After graduation, I took a job as a hospital dietitian and used my training and experience to walk with people through lasting behavior change.

Today, I work as a writer and community builder, helping people to move forward toward their goals by connecting them to the information and people they need.

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Select Writing Samples

Surfing USA! Learning to surf on the California coast
(on The Goal List, a bucket list and travel blog)

“Focus on quality of life” – Interview with Denice, retired nurse
(on the health and wellness blog on this site)

Releasing Floating Sky Lanterns Is Illegal, Says Seattle Fire
(on the Seattle Greenlaker, a local news, culture, and lifestyle blog)

Bad Day Turn-Around: How to recover good days gone bad
(on The Goal List, a bucket list and travel blog)

Green Lake business review: Vera Fitness
(on MyGreenLake.com, award-winning hyperlocal news site)

Gluten-free residents happy in Green Lake, talk about experiences
(on MyGreenLake.com and syndicated to SeattlePI.com)

10 Minutes a Day to a More Active Life
(on the CoreChair blog, creators of an ergonomic active sitting chair)

3 Health Lessons from Star Wars
(on the health and wellness blog on this site)

Diabetes-friendly Thanksgiving recipes and tips
(on the health and wellness blog on this site)

Other writing samples:
Seattle Greenlaker | Nutrition Nuts and Bolts | The Goal Listblog on this site

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People Recommend Me

“a precise communicator…in general, she’s really on the ball. I honestly can’t recommend her enough” –Amy Duncan

“extremely organized, detail oriented and very thorough in her work. She is professional, conscientious and takes initiative to achieve high quality results” –Elizabeth Payne

“clear and detailed speaker, very knowledgeable of the subject and gave good answers” -Curtis McKnight, Sr.

“She has helped me re-evaluate my life values, goals and how I should be prioritizing. Her love for people and genuine approach to working with individuals to achieve positive change is amazing. Her professionalism and integrity are commendable.” –Sunny Meraki

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