Buddy up for better brain – OSC:Wellness tip

OSC:Wellness brings you “quick tip” changes for healthier living. A more balanced sense of wellness can come One Small Change at a time.

This week’s tip is from the Alzheimer’s Association, which works to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through research, to provide care and support for all affected, and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. They gave me permission to share a tip from their 10 Ways to Love Your Brain resource, which has many other tips for a healthy brain.


Buddy up.
Staying socially engaged may support brain health. Pursue social activities that are meaningful to you. Find ways to be part of your local community — if you love animals, consider volunteering at a local shelter. If you enjoy singing, join a local choir or help at an afterschool program. Or, just share activities with friends and family.

–Alzheimer’s Association
in 10 Ways to Love Your Brain, used with permission

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