I’m a Registered Dietitian!

Shelly Najjar passed the Registered Dietitian exam
Part of the results printout after taking the test

Yesterday I took my registration exam for dietetics and passed! Thank you for all your support, prayers, and encouragement over the past few years. This has been a long process. Here are some of the posts that I wrote along the way:

What is a Registered Dietitian?

Lessons from my first year of grad school

Passed thesis, have plans, did guest post

Bucket list goal accomplished: Finish College (2011, 2013)

Bucket list goal accomplished: Become an RD (February 2014)

The next steps:

I’m looking for jobs, especially in worksite wellness and health writing, and am editing my thesis to try to submit for publication to a peer-reviewed journal.

I also share nutrition and wellness information by speaking and writing.


Second guest post (about Workplace Stress) published on CoreChair blog

Click to read my Workplace Stress guest post on the CoreChair blog!In case you missed it, the second guest post I wrote for CoreChair is now available. This post covers the topic of workplace stress. I share some what stress can do to us, some common causes, and one psychologist’s tips on how to deal with it.

Click here to read the post on the CoreChair blog.

Click here to see my writing and speaking experience, and click here to contact me about writing for you.

Passed thesis, have plans, did guest post

Over the last few months, I wrote, defended, and submitted my thesis “Barriers to WIC Benefits Redemption among Participants in Washington State.” That means if everything goes well with the paperwork, I should be graduating this month with my Master of Public Health and be ready to study for the national registration exam for dietitians. My plan is to take this test in February.

I will have more information about the next two things soon, but I just want to introduce them now:

  • I will be speaking/writing in January and February, and am available for hire for events during that time. Click here to see my writing and speaking experience and contact me to find out more about how you can be my boss.
  • Of course, I will still be doing things on my Goal List (bucket list), and plan to make a separate blog for it, launching in January. (EDIT: The Goal List blog is live!)

Also: I wrote two guest posts for CoreChair, a company in Canada. The first post (10 Minutes a Day to a More Active Life) went up today, and the second will be up by the end of this month.

Click to visit the article