What do people value?

I’ve entered a blogging competition and I need your help to win (click here to find the vote for me button). The winning bloggers get to trade places with a blogger in another country for 10 days. My hope for this is to learn more about people, cultures, and what we value by talking with people around the world about their dreams for their lives, and by meeting people living out their dreams and inspiring others to do the same.

Of course, each person has things they value that are unique to them, but there are also more general things that are valued by societies and larger groups of people.

Learning more about our values will help me be a better health care/wellness provider. I will be able to present more appealing reasons for following recommendations, gain practice asking people about their goals and hopes for their lives, and learning what they need to get to the point where they can reach those goals.

Winning a trip like this would also make me a better blogger. One of the requirements is that you document your trip regularly on the blog (of the other blogger). Writing regularly is something that I do on an irregular basis. ;P  The trip will also help me better understand what information people want (based on their goals), so that I can share information that help the most people possible.

Based on these reasons, I hope that you will support me in my goal to be a Big Blog Exchange finalist (support me by voting for me). To be a finalist, I need to be in the top 25 in my region (North, Central, and South Americas) by Sept 3. (You can vote once for each blogger competing, so a vote for me doesn’t prevent you from voting for someone from your own country.)

Voting is a two-step process:

  1. Go to http://www.bigblogexchange.org/profile/2014/5757715179634688 and click Vote for Me
  2. Enter email, then wait for the email to arrive and then confirm vote. If you don’t confirm, it doesn’t count.

Also, please share my profile with your friends so they can vote too.

Thanks so much for your support! – Shelly